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Frequently asked questions for donors.
  • Do I need my own Ethereum (ETH) wallet?

    To track all the completed transactions, every user needs to provide the Ethereum wallet address, from where he will send the donations. Users can always change their Ethereum address in the Dashboard.

  • Does your platform accept only ETH?

    The CHERR.IO Platform is currently accepting donations only in Ethereum (ETH). In the near future we will add support for other cryptocurrencies and fiat as well.

  • What are the fees? Is there a charge?

    The only fee is GAS that donors pay. GAS is required for Ethereum transaction to be successfully completed.

  • How can I donate in ETH?

    Every campaign has its own unique Ethereum wallet address to which the donor sends ETH. Once the transaction is confirmed, the platform automatically adds it to the donation history and updates progress of the campaign.

  • What do I get from donating?

    Besides helping and potentially saving someone’s life, every donation is rewarded with Proof Of Charity points. These points will enable higher bonuses in our crowdsale process.

  • What is Proof Of Charity?

    Proof Of Charity is a loyalty program for registered users, who are actively participating on the CHERR.IO Platform. Users that promote charitable giving on social networks or donate to active campaigns are rewarded with points. Current point balance is visible in the Dashboard in the “Proof of Charity” section.

  • How can I track where my money goes?

    Every campaign is fully transparent and has a public ledger with a complete transaction history. Donors can also see their personal contributions under the “Backed Campaigns” section in the Dashboard.

For organizations

Frequently asked questions for organizations.
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