Abandoned animals are seeking for new hope


Abandoned animals are seeking for new hope

Every day we meet more and more abandoned animals, that don't have a warm and loving place to live. Consequently, numerous shelters become their temporary or even permanent home. Organizations and selfless individuals, who take care for these forgotten living creatures, need more and more financial support to buy basic necessities for the operation of their shelters. Help them carry out their mission!

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Website: www.lajka.org
Facebook: Lajka


Lajka is an organization that helps those who can't ask for help, can't complain, can't write protest and thank you notes. But one thing is especially true – they are immeasurably thankful for each small piece of attention they get. Lajka strives for all abandoned or discarded animals to be treated the same way as those with a loving home.

Lajka works on raising awareness that every living being has a right to live, free of suffering and that every life is priceless, regardless of pedigree, breed, age or fur color. They are trying to show that abandoned animals are loving creatures, capable of being trained and socialized, even though they weren't treated in such way before coming to the shelter.

That is why it it so important that each individual, when he notices the abuse or torture of an animal, acts according to his own ethics and reports the torturer to the proper institutions. A lot of people believe that it is better not to get too much involved in such cases. But trust us, it's not.

Let's show that we care and help abandoned animals to a better future.
Let’s get in action!


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